Offshore Investments


The bottom line

Finding the right offshore investments can be a key factor in making the most of your wealth. Our offshore investment strategy can give you opportunities to grow your wealth that are often not available in your home country. With a few well-advised decisions you could broaden your investment portfolio

ABS offers a range of investment services to offshore banking clients. These services include:

  • Expert international offshore investment specialists
  • Barclays Multi-Manager - an actively managed investment portfolio
  • A variety of investment funds
  • Commodity investment opportunities
  • Currency trading facilities
  • Offshore investment advice
  • Global Beta - a passively managed investment portfolio
  • Structured products
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Offshore investment funds

With the wide selection of funds that we provide in our Barclays Multi-Manager Portfolios, we're confident we can match your needs with exactly the right offshore investments.

ABS Multi-Manager

This is our 'one-stop' investment. You'll have a team of world-class investment professionals actively managing your funds within one portfolio that's easy to arrange and manage. The investment managers are carefully selected as specialists in particular sectors, so you'll get the latest investment insight, thinking and market modelling in each area of your portfolio. Additionally, each portfolio is carefully blended to suit different levels of risk and reward.

The benefits of ABS Multi-Manager

  • The expertise of top investment managers in each market sector
  • Continual monitoring of the performance of these managers
  • A wide choice of portfolios for income, growth or a mixture of the two
  • A wide spread of risk through our broad and diverse investment approach
  • The opportunity to benefit from institutional investment strategies
  • Confidence in investing with a secure established provider - ABS Wealth and Investment Management is the UK's number one multi-manager provider in the UK, and one of the top three in Europe.